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He said he was one of the good guys, but death followed him everywhere. Opal Grant is tired of losing people. Her mom vanished when she was five under mysterious circumstances. Twelve years later when her dad dies suddenly she moves across country to live with her aunt in the house where she and Opal’s mom grew up. There she meets Malachi Hart. There is something dangerous about Mal, but she finds herself drawn to him anyway. The mystery only deepens when she discovers that everyone at school is afraid of him. Before she knows what’s happening she gets pulled into his world - a world of shifting shadows where magic is very real and so are Mal’s enemies, rivals who want to see him dead and are willing to use Opal to get to him. Now, as danger and deception lurk around every corner Opal must discover who she really is. What she finds out could destroy her or unlock the magic that’s been inside her all along. Continue reading

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Episode 11 - Keeping Demons From Stealing Joy

April 26, 2015

You can download from iTunes or listen below.

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