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I have three new books coming out between now and March that are available for pre-order now.

Spirit on Fire - a book about spiritual gifts

Spirit on Fire Workbook - a hands on guide to discovering and understanding your spiritual gifts

Battlefield Victory Workbook - a hands on guide to spiritual warfare


You can pre-order all 3 books for $40 which includes BOTH signed paperbacks and ebooks of each book as well as shipping.

BONUS! - If you order by December 20th you'll get a free copy of my 2016 Advent Devotional when it comes out in November.


Mix-n-Match any 3 Debbie spiritual books $40


Thank you to everyone who participated! Winners will be announced shortly.

The wait is almost over for Thou Art With Me and The Brotherhood of Lies! Thank you everyone for your love and support.

I will make an announcement once preorders have been sent out and again when the books are available on Amazon.

Time is running out to preorder the next 4 Sweet Seasons books (which will have a crossover with the Psalm 23 Mysteries) Two will be out this year and two will be out next year. You can also for a very limited time preorder the next 2 Tex Ravencroft books which will be out in summer and fall. 

This offer is only available for a short time as I have to lock down the preorder lists soon.



Preorder 2 Tex Ravencroft ebooks for $10




Preorder 2 Tex Ravencroft paperbacks for $20





Preorder all 4 Sweet Seasons ebooks for $20




Preorder all 4 Sweet Seasons paperbacks for $35



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