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Part 3 of the Wicked 7 Part Miracle (52 Books in 52 Weeks)


So, onto the third miracle that surrounded Wicked and, indeed, made it possible! I went to the Maui Writer’s Conference and the Retreat. The Retreat was amazing. Teachers that year included John Saul and Terry Brooks among many others. I went into my small classroom with nine other students and our teacher came in. She was this perky little woman with blonde hair. She stood up there and said “Hi, I’m Nancy Holder and I used to write romance then I moved to horror and now I write the Buffy the Vampire Slayer tie-in novels.”

I almost fell out of my chair. Of all the amazing, famous writers teaching that week, she was the only one whose books I actually had on a shelf at home. We didn’t get to pick our teachers, the retreat administration placed us in a room with a teacher based on the strengths and weaknesses they saw in our sample work we’d submitted to be enrolled. I was utterly floored and she was an amazing teacher. I learned more from her in that week than I’d learned in all my college writing classes combined. God made sure I was with the right teacher. It’s even better and crazier than that! Are you ready?

Nancy wasn’t supposed to be there teaching!

It’s true! The teacher who was supposed to be there that week had had to cancel about a week before the event started. She knew Nancy and recommended her as a replacement and Nancy was able to move her schedule around on the fly to go and teach! When I signed up to go, Nancy wasn’t even supposed to be there. God knew who I needed, though, and He got her there!! The lesson I learned from this is THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS OR COINCIDENCES.

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