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Part 2 of The Wicked 7 Part Miracle (52 Books in 52 Weeks)

So, onto the second miracle that surrounded Wicked. After having people tell me they thought I should go to the Maui Writers Conference I had mentioned it to my parents, particularly the strangeness of the two people suggesting I go. After discussing it my parents called me and said that they were going to pay for me to attend because they “hadn’t raised a great writer for her to sit on her butt and do nothing”. I protested that since I had a job I wasn’t exactly “doing nothing” and they countered with the fact that I wasn’t a full-time writer. I have no idea how they came up with the money, but I recognized that this was a miraculous, unexpected happening and that God was definitely trying to get my attention.


I took them up on their offer and signed up to go. I had to audition for the Retreat portion which put students in small classrooms with professional writers. I struggled with what to send in and I finally opted to send in the first several pages of a romance novel I had started writing. It wasn’t the work that was closest to my heart, but I felt for some reason that it was a good choice. I was accepted to the Retreat and started preparing to go. I had to jump on all these things because the deadlines were not that far away. Had I not researched even when I thought I couldn’t go I wouldn’t have known about the tight deadlines and I probably wouldn’t have submitted everything in time. One of the lessons I learned from this was BE READY TO DO WHAT GOD SAYS WHEN HE SAYS IT.

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