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52 Books in 52 Weeks - Week 2

Well, it's week 2 and I'm thinking about The Lord is My Shepherd (book 1 in the Psalm 23 Mysteries series). I originally came up with the concept for the series in August 2001. The first plot I thought about in relation to the series was not for book 1 (that was the second story I worked out). It was actually for what's going to turn out to be book 13 Comfort Me.

A few months before I wrote The Lord is My Shepherd a strange thing happened that actually inspired the scene where Mark is questioning Cindy in the sanctuary after she's found the dead body. To read about the real-life event that inspired it, click here.

As many of my readers have figured out, I like to layer things into my book series so that little facts that didn't seem important in one book play a huge role in a later book. I think it's fun both for me and the readers. I also think it mirrors life in many ways. Sometimes experiences or random meetings have far-reaching consequences that aren't always apparent at the time they're happening. I also think it helps the stories feel more life-like.

I worked for a while at a church. I was secretary to the Music, Youth, and Children's Ministries. I also was responsible for the church newsletter and part of the weekly bulletin. Sometimes on Monday mornings it was a miracle if there was soda left in the soda machine. One Monday the general church secretary went crazy trying to find the master calendar which had mysteriously disappeared from her desk and made its way into the sanctuary. Also, the lights for the sanctuary were on the wall a couple feet from the door, so it would have been possible to trip in the dark had there been a dead body on the ground like the one Cindy encounters.

So, I'm having fun this week talking about different aspects of the book and asking my readers for feedback. I'm running a contest with a prize for the person who has read this first book in the series the most times. To enter, tweet your number of read throughs with #Psalm23Mysteries or submit it on my Facebook page. So far the number to beat is 40. Yup, I was amazed, too.

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