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Year Long Book Celebration


Happy 2016 everyone! I realized a couple of weeks ago that in 2016 my 52nd book will be coming out, meaning that I will have one published book for every week of the year. I must admit I’m very excited about this and have decided to spend the entire year celebrating. I hope you’ll join me. What I’ve decided to do is focus in on a different book each week with trivia, games, prizes, behind-the-scenes info and a lot of other really fun things. So, make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, my blog, Goodreads, and a few other places I’ll let you know more about in the coming days.


It seems fitting to me that we kick this year off by talking about my very first published book – Wicked: Witch, a YA supernatural thriller that I wrote with multi Bram Stoker award winner Nancy Holder. So, here’s to a week of witchy goodness. I just have one question. Feeling WICKED?


Actually, that’s the question that I write when I personalize copies of the bind-up of Wicked: Witch and Wicked: Curse (the first two books in the series). I try to come up with different things to write for different books, sometimes with more success than others. Feeling Wicked, though, is one I’ve been doing for years.


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