Wouldn't it be great to see your book in bookstores?
Do you want to be a writer but just don't know how to get started?

Learn how to become a writer with Debbie Viguie's "Anyone Can Be a Writer" program.

While writing is considered an artform, there is a process and once you know that process you are on your way to becoming a writer. With Debbie Viguie's process...

Anyone Can Be a Writer

And what makes Debbie think Anyone Can Be a Writer?
Well, the answer begins with her own personal story of triumph over adversity. (Scroll down)

Anyone can be a writer...
All you need is the desire to try and the willingness to stick with it.

Ever since she was a little girl Debbie dreamed of being a famous writer but, at every turn, she was told that her dream was impossible.

Her first obstacle was a rejection letter when she was only 11. There followed a series of family tragedies, a long, debilitating illness, and college professors saying "you'll never make it as a writer".

Despite every "no" she encountered and having no "safe" career ahead of her or a fallback plan, Debbie threw herself wholeheartedly into her writing.

Now, a NYT Bestselling Author, Debbie looks back at all of the places in her journey where she could have given in to failure but is happy that she didn't.

Debbie believes, based on her own personal experience and the process she has developed, that anyone can be a writer. If you want to be a writer and are looking for the "how", then why not learn from somene who has been published by Simon & Schuster, Penguin, Random House, Hachette, Titan, Zondervan, and Abingdon?

Debbie's "Anyone Can Be a Writer" program is for you.

You might say
"I don't have good ideas" or "it all gets jumbled and makes no sense"
Well, that is perfectly fine because...

Anyone Can Be a Writer...

Debbie Viguie's Anyone Can Be a Writer program will teach you her process for getting thoughts collected, characters developed, plots laid out, and other important steps that will guide you from start to finish of a book.

Anyone Can Be a Writer...
But nobody is born a brilliant writer, you work at it to acheive it.

So now you're probably saying "Okay fine, maybe Anyone Can Be a Writer but is it a lot of hard work?"

Yes! Writing is a lot of work. There's writing, rewriting, and even more rewriting. Debbie's program does not eliminate the work, but it does show you how to make your work more efficient and effective.

Okay, if I do all of this work and prove Anyone Can Be a Writer,
when should I expect to get published?

Most published authors get published around book number 3 or 4 because this is when they have learned their craft well enough that other people will want buy it.

All right then, how does the Anyone Can Be a Writer program work and what does it cost?

Debbie's Anyone Can Be a Writer program is delivered in an online, distance learning format. The content is available on many devices that can connect to the Internet with a browser, which means you can access to the content from almost anywhere you go to write whether that is at your desk or at the beach. Click here if you'd like to see screen shots of some of the pages.

You will learn:

  • Character Development (14 sections)
  • World Building (9 sections)
  • Plot Development (8 sections)
  • Genre (9 sections)
  • How to manage Pacing (7 Sections)
  • How to Describe your characters and main settings (5 sections)
  • Dialogue (7 sections)
  • To outline or not to outline (6 sections)
  • How to find time to write (7 sections)
  • How to deal with and overcome writer's block (7 sections)
  • The four month writing plan (4 sections)
  • Pitching your book (6 sections)

In addition to all of the content, you also get the first three months of coaching from Debbie and her team of writing coaches for FREE. This means you will be able to communicate directly with Debbie and her team of experienced writing coaches. Imagine getting a New York Times Bestselling Author to guide you through your writing process; when you get stuck, Debbie is just on the other side of your keyboard.

Anyone Can Be A Writer is $299 in a one-time payment or you can use the 3-Payment option of $117/ea.